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Katuah Food Not Bombs!


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From I 40: Take exit number 378, Cedar Bluff Rd. at the west end of Knoxville. If you are travelling from the West you simply take the exit and turn left (North) onto Cedar Bluff road at the end of the exit ramp. If you are coming from the East, you need to get into the far right lane exit right to Executive Park drive. Turn left onto Executive Park Drive and take a right onto Cedar Bluff rd so you are going North.

Once you are going north on Cedar Bluff Rd, it is about a mile to Middlebrook Pike. Take a right onto Middlebrook and look for Joe Hinton Rd. on your left (about a mile). Turn onto Joe Hinton rd. Turn left onto Jenkins Drive (2nd left off of Joe Hinton). Meetinghouse Rd. is the second left off of Jenkins Drive. The address is 1517 Meetinghouse Lane.


If'n ye get lost, call 385 - 1990 or 385 - 3078.